Man Month

Cherish is the word that I use to describe my time with my husband over the next couple of days.

You see, this is Man Month.  My husband has planned various trips that I would deem as manly.  He has a trip to San Francisco this weekend with his friend Wingman, for a fun event, then he has a golf tournament in North Carolina with The Hoppers (a southern gospel group), and of course his annual P heasant hunting trip where he and several other men travel to South Dakota and shoot birds, then the birds come to my home and sit in my freezer because they are so gross looking.  BTW….does anyone have a good pheasant recipe?Now that I have exhausted you all with my run on sentences, I am cherishing the next couple of days while he is home.  Despite this being Man Month, I am squeezing in a trip with Compssion to Ecuador into the Amazon for 10 days.  No big deal….right?  Ok big bugs here I come.  Actually, this will be my first time to the Amazon and I am pretty excited about this unique experience, even if it is Man Month.

Meanwhile…..our home has been infested with hormones. Possibly this is what has led to Man Month. Raising three teenage type females is hard work and while my husband is away, I am AMAZED at how complicated this task is.  I love my girls, but oh how they challenge me.  My 15 year old is an amazing person.  She is full of spice.  This month she has taken on the task of studying the book of Timothy, reading about the history of Ephesus and conquering the question of women in leadership in the church.  No lie! While she studies, she multi tasks by sending out thousands of texts.  Did I mention she was 15?  The girl is incredibly independent and confident, yet needs a full time chauffer to drive her to the multiple events she involves herself in.  She often forgets there is a family in her life that she must answer to so we have to remind her to look deep into our eyes once in awhile. You know what I mean if you have a 15 year old. Love that girl! My other girls simply study and learn from their older sister.

So you ask me how I am doing with this being Man Month?  Some days are like a peaceful easy feeling.  Other days are like a Scorpion song, “Rock you like a hurricane.”  So I am living it one day at a time!

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