Why I am celebrating my Daughter going to Jail

I passed up the trip to Tanzania with the bloggers to watch my daughter go to jail.

I am so proud of her.

She plays the evil Velma, in the play “Hairspray”, but oh my goodness… does she do it well.  Two solos and a brilliant performance, she even scared me with her evil character. 

Needless to say, I am so proud of my daughter, and thankful that I got to celebrate this achievement with her and be a part of this precious moment. I made the right decision to stay home.

Speaking of things that are precious…..

I lost a diamond this week.  In 21 years of marriage, I have managed to loose two diamonds in two different wedding rings (yes, I have only been married once though, long story on why I had to have two rings).  I have a skill or something for bashing the diamond right out of the ring. Yesterday, I looked down at my ring, and the center diamond was missing. My heart sank.

We searched the house completely.

Possibly I shouldn’t wear expensive jewelry.  I told my husband I should have a simple band, no diamonds.

I decided not to cry about it though.  It wasn’t a $5000 diamond or anything like that, but it was a precious stone. However, marriage isn’t about the diamond and the ring doesn’t necessarily tell me I am more married or more in love.  No, it’s the other parts of life that make the marriage like our time together, our lives together, endless conversations, the love, the hardships, the fights, the children, the decisions, and most importantly, the commitment.  Sure, it hurts to loose a precious stone, but better to loose a stone than the marriage, and for Stephen I am grateful.

In the grand scheme of life, there are certain things that can be replaced, such as stones, lost cell phones, and broken dishes, and other things that can’t be replaced, like time, marriage, children and their victories.  There are certain treasures we can take to Heaven and certain treasures we can’t.  So even though I lost something valuable, I didn’t loose something I can’t replace, like watching her grow up.

  Time is precious.



7 Comments on “Why I am celebrating my Daughter going to Jail

  1. I love colored stones………….replace it with a less expensive stone; but still strong….a ruby or a saphhire. You can get them colored. You can even do any color you want and make it synthetic.
    Julia looks fabulous!!

  2. I remember when you lost your diamond the first time! I was impressed even then that you went on with your life 🙂 And i liked the “fake” ring you wore after that quite a bit! Always good words from you Patricia!

  3. Great post and great decision Patricia–I’ve been taking more vacation time to catch kids’ performances at school or to chaperone for a field trip.

    I’ve lost two wedding rings in just 13 years! The first one was platinum! Michele’s developed some kind of allergy to her ring…so now neither of us are wearing wedding rings, but like you’ve said so well, we’re trying to give priority to the things that really matter.

  4. You don’t want to miss out on making memories. I still look back on the many precious memories that I have. I also enjoy the memories that I continue to make with family and friends like sharing the time with family while we watched Julia do a fantastic performance.

  5. I am so glad for you to experience a part of her life. Going on a mission trip is important but in reality going to ‘her performance’ spoke volumes to her about your love and your devotion to her.
    Don’t ever regret it… (I was one of those young high school girls who never had anyone in the audience watching) … it was a hard thing but I rose up in spite of the abandonment and took first and second in state and proved to myself I could do it. alone.

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