You Know Your Life is Changing When…

You know your life is changing when…your family seems to have extra people you are including in the adventures. DSC_3302

You know your life is changing when…you are ok with wrinkles, because they remind you of the faithfulness of those that love you anyway.


You know your life is changing when…you start posting epic sunset pictures all the time.


You know your life is changing when…your kid looks like this after a photo shoot. (Photo credit to Brianne Wills, make up by Kelly Peach, Portland, OR)


You know your life is changing…when it’s time for senior photos. (Photo credit Keely Scott).   GJ_DSC_9401

…and your favorite picture is the one that shows her freckled face laughing.

GJ_DSC_9339 (1)

You know your life is changing when…you start collecting weird objects that your family can’t quite explain to your guests because they are only funny to you. Thus the three miniature glass mermaids (one broke recently but Steve fixed it thank goodness).


(I have not started collecting Gnomes for the record.)

A friend recently asked my husband about our lives. He said this, “You all seem so in love and your kids seem to love each other too. How have you done this?”

My husband replied (as the man), “Years ago, we made a commitment to work at it. And so we did.”

I would say (as the woman)…lots of conversations, lots of work, lots of tears, lots of negotiation, lots of asking for forgiveness, lots of crazy moments, lots of recognizing the need for grace, lots of prayer, lots of shedding pride, lots of giving up what we thought what was best to find out what really was the best, lots of seeking advice, lots of sacrifice, lots of money (college and music lessons and all the other activities kids costs), lots of cooking to have great meals that my kids would want to be home for, lots of time, and lots of staying up late to settle an argument before the next day, and lots of shutting up before you say too much.

You know your life is changing when… you fully recognize the difference between men and women, and you realize the humor in it all, and the gift that God gave us in each other.

6 Comments on “You Know Your Life is Changing When…

  1. Bless your heart berry31. You brought me back to when my kids were little and my husband traveled. Those were stressful days, but fully worth the exhaustion. Motherhood is a grand experience, and marriage, even bigger. Enjoy every minute! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I love this post! You are so encouraging. I have two little ones and my husband is working crazy hours and in school…sometimes it feels so hard! But we have promised each other to work hard, towards God, towards each other, towards the kids. I hope that one day we will be able to look back and see life as you do. But I’m going to soak in these crazy, hectic, exhausting days right now with my babies because I know they’ll go fast. My baby brother, who I remember doing things that my 2 year old enjoys, is about to turn 18. I’m getting nostalgic.

  3. Beautiful

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